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Thank you Oksana!

You're the best!  Thank you Oksana for such thorough information!  I'll keep you posted as I progress!  Or, if I have more questions!  

I received the business plan guideline and suggested verbiage for lender/developer purposes!  That will be so valuable and simplifies the plan from what I've been trying to pur together!   Thank you !!!   I enjoyed my day with you so much and have been reading the materials you sent home with me.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow and then proceeding with obtaining projected costs and finalizing a business plan!  Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning!  Thank you again for a productive and enjoyable day!!! Oh... And some  delicious coffee!!  :). BW -- Oregon



Oksana , it is I that should be thanking you . I'm so appreciative of the time A. and I were able to share with you . I told A. just this morning that for me , I felt a certain kinship with you and honestly enjoyed every moment . 

I came back to .... with a lot to think of and consider . However without you're consult I would never have had the opportunity to experience the actual process and for that I feel very fortunate . 

Thank you for the kind words and optimism you shared . I hope to eventually make you proud . God bless and take care -- DB from TX


JULY 2012:

It's Darin in South East Asia. Can you believe that's it's already been two years since I went to your school ? WOW.

I did the coffee shop thing and it's in my newsletter. I also sell some tea on my online store as well.
Just thought I'd send you my newsletter that's got a blurb on the coffee shop. It also tells what I'm doing here in South East Asia.

Thanks again for the Barista trainging. I really enjoyed it. Most of all, I appreciate the info and "How much MONEY" you saved me. I could have lost a lot of money if I didn't go and visit you.  Stay in Touch.......Darin W.


 MAY 2012:


I owe such a debt to Alex. I am excited to see that we are still on your website for testimonials: we just celebrated our 9th year in the same location that Alex was a bit cautious about (over the phone - so were we) our sales have continued to rise and we are about to open our 4th store and we roast coffee for over 50 clients in the small area of PA and the surrounding communities. We still reference the book and use the knowledge we gained from it daily. Thanks guys!     Thomas JF

"I purchased your book in January 2003. I cannot thank you enough for the help this book gave me. I worked for 10 years in coffee bars (even in management at Caribou Coffee, Charlotte, NC), but your book went so beyond the experience that I had in order to open my own espresso bar!! I purchased the book because I had the opportunity to open an espresso bar—which I did (we just celebrated our third anniversary). Thomas


"…Four years in, our coffee shop is still going strong. We won "Best Espresso Drinks in the Triangle" from the independent food critics… Superior product and superior training does win out in the end."   Mike, North Carolina


"When I first met Alex, I had no idea about the espresso business. He guided me through all the stages of designing and opening the business. Then he stayed with me for the first few opening days, teaching me and my employees all about the espresso business, from how to build customers, to preparing the drinks and serving customers fast. Now I have two busy stores."   Pat


"I have owned and operated a gourmet coffee store & espresso bar for three years. After taking the Espresso Business Seminar I realized just how ignorant I was about this business. This is the best money that I have ever invested!"  Jackie W.


Hi to you both!

Well I wanted to pass on a compliment I received the other day. A couple came in from Seattle and ordered a "real" cappuccino; I made them in the glass cups and served them. They took a drink and just raved about the taste, I told them about you guys and they had heard of Alex. They told me I had been trained well…so thanks for everything you have done!   GW from CO    (Graduating Class)


Dear Alex,

Your espresso expertise is truly appreciated. You have given us insight to the true meaning of superb coffee taste and service. We are grateful to have found you prior to our Atrium Cafe opening.

Your design of the bar and equipment lay-out was masterful, and we would have certainly missed some health code requirements without your assistance. The design is wonderful, we love having such a spacious work place with the equipment placed perfectly. We also appreciate your suggestions on the equipment and where to get it. You were able to get us quality equipment at the best price.

The time you spent with us training our crew was truly important and enjoyable. We appreciate your subsequent calls checking to see how things are going, as well. Again, thank you for your outstanding service.      Sincerely, Suzanne M, WA



"I just got your book and video. I wish that I'd had them before I opened my coffee shop, I would have done many things differently. I hope that it is not too late for me to save my business."   Cathy

"The menu that you set up for me is very easy for the ..customer to understand & certainly "espresso friendly"… I raised my prices by 15 cents, & nobody even noticed. We maintain consistently our espresso sales at 80% or better of our total sales by following the techniques that you taught us."   Erich



"...I didn't know I was attending a school that has so much history & firsthand experience with espresso. This was the most valuable part of the school, to hear the experiences, background, struggles & victories from Alex's passion & dreams to share his love for the perfect espresso."   Teresa S.


"Just dropping a line to let you know that C. Coffee is heading into its second year this November. It has been growing steadily. Thanks for your initial start up advice."Martin H.



"...We get nothing but compliments from our customers at how well our drinks taste. You really saved us a lot of time, money, and hardship."    Thanks again! James & Andrea


"Just to let you know that we did over $900 of business yesterday! In this small town of 18,000, and only two weeks after we opened!"

Thank you for all your help.   DeWayne & Pamela



"...Our store opened 2 weeks ago, and has been an instant success! We found ourselves overwhelmed by the customer responses. Your book was the basis for how we set up our store."

Thank you,  Brian



I would just like to thank you for your help and information you gave us. We get nothing but compliments from our customers at how well our drinks taste. You really saved us a lot of time, money and hardship. Although we have only been open for a couple of weeks we are getting a very good response.

Again, thanks. James & Andrea



Superior product and superior training does win out in the end. Thanks for all you've done for my business."  Winner of 'Best Espresso Drinks in the Triangle NC



We had a record day of $2,000! We did the sales from 9am to 6:30pm. We were rocking! Everything continues to pick up as time passes. Thanks again for your help. Our employees still talk about you. Our second location opens May 13.

Thanks again.  Thomas



We had a $1,300 day on Saturday. We never could have done it without you. And only six weeks after opening! Thanks so much!

Sincerely, April and Steve


Dear Alex,


"I just returned from the barista school and wanted to thank you for preventing me from making an extremely costly mistake by opening a coffee business without the information you provided in the school.

I am so grateful that I took the class. I now see the great opportunity that THE RIGHT coffee business can be in THE RIGHT location and I learned in the class different ways of finding the right location with the right business model (i.e. walk- in, drive-thru or a walk-in coffee shop with a drive-thru).

The class was so much more that a school teaching one how to make perfect coffee, although I learned that too. I learned more than I could have imagined about the business of finding the right location and running a successful espresso business, right down to what cash register to buy and how to handle the daily receipts. If I am not successful in the business, it won't be because you didn't provide me with the right tools.

It was a long weekend of hard work, packed with valuable information, but you are kind and caring guy and a great presenter and the time just flew by. I can't thank you and your wife, Oksana, enough."   Sincerely,   John William Lovell  Arizona



...You provided us with everything needed to succeed, from start to opening. We highly recommend to anyone interested, starting with your book "Espresso Business" this alone inspired us and provided us with all the essential tools and instruction to begin the process. We would not have felt so confident had we not had your support. Your step by step process is an awesome tool to anyone interested in starting their own "Espresso Based" business.

On a personal note, we truly had an awesome time attending "Barista School". It's hard to explain just how much we learned in such a short period of time and had a lot of fun and laughs with you both. We thank you for all your personal time and attention given to Bluegrass Java's future success, your comments and suggestions are very important to us and all input means so much at this point. Personally the hands on instruction and daily routine information was one of the best training sessions I have been through in my life since I've been working, and trust me I have spent a lot of my time "in training".

I want to thank you both for a wonderful and truly informative 3 days of training. You both were wonderful hosts and excellent teachers. Debbie and I feel much more confident with being a successful drive thru specialty coffee business.   Dave & Debbie Kentucky


Dear Oksana and Michael,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tools of the trade. The hands on experience was a great way to ensure that our drive-thru coffee, tea and smoothie business will be a great success. It's given us the assurance that we will offer the best espresso based products around. Again, thank you.   Karen P, Wisconsin   May 2008 class



Dear Oksana & Mike,

I just want to say muchas gracias!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Mike you did great with the practical part of the training, excellent team!!

After this barista training I feel more confident & sure that I am in right business. Thanks for providing all the supplies & equipment list that will save me a lot of money! The layout you gave us will help me a lot too I am a designer but with no clue of working behind the counter. I can't wait to open my coffee bar I'll send some pictures!! Hasta la vista!!

God bless you!  Mercedes in Florida



Thanks to you both. Your class was extremely impressive for my needs. There was so much incredibly useful information. I had no idea some things I was about to make so complex were actually so easy. The next day I opened up my grinder and sure enough, the blades were too close and there was a lot of old coffee inside jamming it up. It now works like a champ.

Again, thank you for your instruction and knowledge. I am now armed with all the information I need to run a successful coffee business.


Take care and much success to you both. MAC, from Las Vegas, Nevada


Hi Oksana!

I did get back safe and sound. I'm glad I invested the time to attend the 1-day Barista Training Class with you and at the end of the day I finally have a better grasp of what's in store for me and for my new venture. There's still lots to do, but I feel better knowing that I have you by my side. Thanks and best regards!  T.T. from San Francisco, CA


Two years ago we purchased your "Espresso Business Success Program" book & video. We are now in the process of opening our third shop! There is no way that we could have achieved the success that we have without you!"Thank You!   Brian W


Here we are 15 Months into the business and I was just delivered the certificate for "2009 The best of Gaston Award" for Best Coffee."  Todd NC

"Our shop is quite a success now. Over the weekend we had a $900 day, a $750 day, and a $600 day. We've also discovered that, instead of the more established competition down the street, WE are now known as 'The Coffee Shop' in town. That is a major accomplishment for so short a time period."  Mike