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The Espresso Business Success Program is based on forty five years experience in this business -- we've made most of the mistakes we share with students. After opening and running our own sixteen shops and consulting for hundreds of independent shops and drive-thrus, we learned what works and what doesn't. And so will you, saving yourself thousands of dollars in mistakes and months of wasted time!

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(PDF or Hard Copy)
Book + Espresso Training DVD New!
DVD + Video Confernece Training & Consulting
"Espresso Business Success Program" Book in either PDF or HARD COPY format "Espresso Business Success Program" Book Alex's 90 minute training DVD
  Alex's 90 minute training DVD Five one-on-one hour-long sessions via Skype video conference. Each session consists of approximately 45 minutes of instruction followed by a 15-minute Q&A period.
Unlimited personal consultation over the phone or e-mail Unlimited phone/email personal consultation on any espresso or coffee shop/drive-thru related matters Unlimited phone/email personal consultation on any espresso or coffee shop/drive-thru related matters
  Recipe Sheets Recipe Sheets
    Packet of written information recapping all material covered for future reference
$225.00 (PDF)
$285.50* (Print)
$490.50* Please call for more info
* Priority Mail is included

'ESPRESSO 101' DVD' $99.00

Alex's “Espresso Business
Success Program” Book

What you will find inside:

  • Locations - what to look for to make your business a success - make or break $$
  • A Business Plan to present to your lender or landlord
  • An efficient design and equipment layout of your shop or drive-thru for speed/efficiency
  • A complete equipment list, with our suggestions of where to get what
  • A very detailed initial supply list for your opening
  • An "espresso focused" and friendly menu - so you sell more!
  • An initial espresso marketing program to jump start your business
  • And the MOST valuable point: About one hour of PERSONAL consultation with Michael and/or Oksana Fisenko, included in the price and available by phone or email.
    We'll start by evaluating your situation to determine whether it makes any business sense to do what you are planning to do in the first place. This alone could save you thousands of dollars by preventing mistakes in location, design, equipment, supplies, buying an existing coffee business, etc. How much would you pay just for that alone?

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Alex's Espresso Training DVD

  • 90 minutes of Alex going over every single espresso based drink you would ever need to serve
  • Proper and unique micro-steaming and micro-frothing of milk
  • Proper maintenance, upkeep, and cleaning of all espresso equipment
  • Recipe sheets

Why you need Alex & Associates


  • Determine if you should go ahead with YOUR PLan,
    change YOUR PLAN, or look for an alternative
  • Prevent mistakes that COULD cost thousands
    of dollars and months of wasted time
  • Learn proven methods of boosting sales
    and customer satisfaction
  • maximize profits and improve operations
  • Learn how to put your limited start-up money in order

BEFORE spending Big Bucks on leases, design/layout, equipment, supplies, or wasting precious time doing "research" that won't lead you anywhere, We invite you to explore the comprehensive services and materials available through Alex & Associates. You won't find this anywhere else!

Why not start with some thorough resources? Most of your concerns and questions will be answered by our programs. The first and most important issue is whether what you are planning to do makes any business sense in the first place! Why waste money and time on something that won’t work? Unfortunately, we find that many people jump into this business without the right information and sadly end up losing their investment.

We offer an industry specific business plan template in our Espresso Business Success Program book to help you create one quickly and conveniently, not only for potential lenders or landlords, but also to give you a much better idea of the costs involved in starting up your specific concept. It will provide realistic earning projections based on your location. Though we cannot provide financing assistance our business plan has helped many of our clients secure financing with the SBA, friends, relatives and other sources. When you approach a prospective lender for financing, you MUST talk intelligently about the business and present them with a realistic plan for what you will do with the money, where it will go, and how much you will have available after paying your expenses to repay their investment. With Alex & Associates on your team helping you from the start, your chances of securing financing will be greatly improved.

If you have already secured financing and are seriously considering a certain location to open your business, wouldn’t you want to know whether that location is appropriate for your concept, before you commit to it? This is the single most important decision that you will make. Location determines whether your business will succeed or not. Alex & Associates also offers over-the-phone personal consultation with Michael or Oksana Fisenko to help you choose the right location. We turn down more than half of the proposed locations.

If you already have a location and are planning the design of your shop of drive-thru, the Espresso Business Success Program includes working space and equipment layout designs that will make your operation more efficient, therefore speeding up customer service and increasing their satisfaction. These are not architectural building plans, but the design on which your architect or contractor will base their plans.

A detailed list of all necessary equipment and supplies, and our personal recommendations of what and where to get it, depending on your location are also provided. This will save you months of research and prevent you from purchasing the wrong items, equipment you don’t need and will save you money and aggravation.


About to open your shop? Our program also includes effective and proven ways to jump-start your business. It includes proven and tested “espresso focused” marketing techniques that will help you to sell more espresso based drinks and put more money in your pocket. It also includes an espresso focused “customer friendly” menu which is one of your most important marketing tools. While the average independent coffee shop manages to serve only 31% espresso based drinks, our clients have the potential to average 87%!



Just think how much more money you will make if instead of selling 200 cups of brewed coffee at $1.25, you sell 200 espresso based drinks at an average price of $2.47! That means over $50,000 a year more in your pocket after the cost difference!

Buying an existing coffee business? Alex & Associates can help you determine if it’s a good investment or a money pit. We have helped many people avoid buying somebody else’s headaches and aggravations!

Adding a coffee concept to your existing business? Will it generate enough sales to justify the money and time invested in the project? If it doesn’t we will tell you why, and if it does, we will show you how to maximize that opportunity!


Combined with Alex’s Espresso Training DVD, our Espresso Business Success Program will show you how to prepare better tasting drinks and “hook” your customers so they want to return day after day.

Alex & Associates can show you step by step what you need to do and how to do it, whether you are planning a coffee shop or a drive-thru; would like to add a specialty coffee to your present business; increase sales at your current espresso business; or are considering buying an existing coffee business.

We can help you save thousands of dollars with our proven methods and techniques to help you prevent mistakes, use your time and resources wisely and avoid countless aggravations! Isn’t that what you are looking for?