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This is our mentor and friend, Oksana Fisenko from #AlexandAssociates. This is our coffee (ESPRESSO FINO) and the reason we Sol Station plan to knock your socks off with our European style Crema espresso... the way it should taste!





(Students & Customers)

I brought Gianni to the Coffee Lodge several times. As an Italian from Venice, Italy, where coffee-drinking is elevated to an art, he is a discerning consumer of espresso. He gave the espresso at the Coffee Lodge two thumbs up and pronounced it superior to Starbucks! From Customer Nov. 2017:Coffee Lodge Students came to our Barista Training School 9 years ago.....successful drive thru coffee shop in operation~


Good Morning, Oksana!

I just wanted to pass along a quote from one of our customers. It gave me goose bumps, so I hope you enjoy it too..


After buying two retail packs of whole beans, he inquired how we found our coffee. I told him our story and he replied, "I've been in many fancy coffee shops from SoHo to New Orleans, and I can tell you that this is the best coffee that I've tasted!"

We are fortunate to have found Alex and Associates and thank you for being there for us...
The Berkins!   (emailed April 13, 2017)



Exciting coffee adventures ahead... for all of us. Thanks to you, Oksana Fisenko. You ROCK. ( or maybe GRIND ) LOL

    .... (Sept. 2016 students from IL) ...


Barista training in Troutdale, OR. Train with the absolute best and you will prevail. Oksana Fisenko along with Her Barista Training Academy supplying us with an abundance of "mad super espresso skills "! Thank you Oksana (Jade Sept 2016)


Coming out to Troutdale was a great experience for my barista career. I truly feel like it was the foundation I needed to be successful.
Thank you for that. CW (CHICAGO AREA)




The Espresso Fino continues to get such rave reviews from our customers, as does the Americano vs. Drip brew. We would not have conceived of doing that had we not come to Portland for training. We couldn't be happier! Doug and Andrea, CT. 




DO NOT BE FOOLED! hands-on training cannot be replaced by online tutorials as many barista schools claim! One needs to “personally” see and do training on all equipment and taste all the drinks off the menu!! The nuasances of ‘doing’ make the difference between "book knowledge" and practical experience!

  • Three-Day Coffee Business and Barista School
  • One & Two-Day Coffee Business and Barista School
  • On-Site Barista Training
  • NEW! One-on-one Remote Training via Video Conference

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Three-Day Coffee Business and Barista School

How We'll Help Your Coffee Business
Reach It's Maximum Potential!

Our Coffee Shop Business Seminar uses proven tools and techniques to make prospective coffee shop and drive-thru owners highly successful—with training in Alex Fisenko's methods of "How to Make Real Money with a Retail Coffee Business" with the "Least of Pain and the Most of Gain!" We don't just teach business owners how to make espresso-based drinks, we teach them how to tap into unlimited potential and develop a highly prosperous business.

During this three day class you will be trained and instructed by Oksana Fisenko and Michael Fisenko in all phases of planning, designing, marketing and proper drink preparation techniques. This training is based on Alex & Associates' forty years of experience as very successful owner-operators of sixteen shops, and as highly successful consultants—Alex having opened hundreds of independent coffee shops and drive-thrus "personally" nationwide for clients with no experience in this business.

This class is held in Troutdale, Oregon, a charming
suburban community of Portland, not far from the airport…

In order to provide a realistic setting, the school is in an actual former coffee shop, with the same equipment, menu and products that hundreds of our clients are using to great success all across the country. We will not waste your time or money on subjects that do not have any bearing on the "bottom line" of your business. For example, you will not learn about the origins and cultivation of coffee beans; nor will we take you on exotic cruises to coffee producing countries.

Don't be fooled by imitators. There are many consulting companies in business today that have followed in our footsteps and are utilizing information from our books, DVDs, barista training materials and consulting programs. Why? Because our methods, programs and training DO produce the best results.

We focus on things that really matter, such as:

  • Coffee shop and drive-thru locations
  • Business Plan for your investor or landlord
  • Shop/Drive-Thru layout for speed and efficiency of operation
  • Espresso equipment (which kind are the best for you)
  • An "espresso focused" customer friendly menu
  • A "jump-start" marketing program to bring customers into a new shop
  • Comprehensive and intensive drink preparation
    techniques system (barista training/practicum)
  • Opening / closing procedures & daily cash management
  • Choosing coffee, related products and supplier

Since we limit the number of students per class, we are able to provide each student with more individualized, comprehensive "hands-on" training than a large group can accommodate. Additionally, we will be able to work with each student one-on-one concerning more individual areas of interest, such as a location you may be considering, the layout of your shop or any other matter pertaining to your specific needs.


Classes usually fill up by the 10th of the month. Please confirm your space by phone or e-mail before making a payment. If the class is sold out or if it is premature for you to attend, the "next best" option is our Espresso Business Success Program Book & DVD.

If you can't make it, this deposit may be applied to the next class. This deposit is "not" refundable, but can be applied to subsequent classes should you need to reschedule.


Please give us a call at 1-503-590-9423 for the cost of attending our 3-day class. To join this class, we require a non refundable $500 deposit no later than the 10th day of that class's month, the rest to be paid by the 17th.

This "Three Day Coffee Shop Business and Barista Seminar" is for those especially that are starting out and need to gain practical knowledge about the whole business aspect of planning, executing and operating a coffee shop or a drive-thru. This comprehensive training is very similar to our "Turn Key Consulting" for which you would pay more along, with travel expenses, see below.



Oksana and Alex's son Michael are carrying on his legacy and are very well versed in the espresso business. Oksana worked with Alex for almost forty years, Michael trained under Alex for three years and is an accomplished Barista Trainer going from location to location for on-site training.

One & Two Day Coffee Business and Barista School

How to Increase your Espresso Sales and Profits!

  • Call for pricing, class dates, and times.
Michael Training a customerMichael Fisenko training a barista

As we travel all over the country opening coffee shops and drive-thrus we have many opportunities to visit and observe a great number of independent and franchised coffee concepts in operation.

In order to achieve maximum sales potential, a retail coffee business must know not only how to prepare espresso based drinks promptly and correctly for better taste, but also how to sell them to their customers. If you don't know how to sell them, you won't be preparing them, will you?

If you are about to open your shop, or if you already are in business, these "hands-on" classes will teach you some effective and proven ways to jump-start your business. It includes proven and tested "espresso focused" marketing techniques that will help you to sell more espresso based drinks and put more money in your pocket.

We will show you how to develop an espresso-focused, "customer friendly" menu, which is your most important marketing tool. While the average independent coffee shop manages to serve only 31% of espresso based drinks, our clients average is 87%! Just think how much more money you will make if instead of selling 200 cups daily of brewed coffee at $1.25, you sell 200 espresso based drinks at an average price of $2.97! That is an addition of over $50,000 a year in your pocket!

These effective marketing tools and drink preparation techniques were developed by Alex Fisenko while operating his own sixteen shops from 1970-1998, and from what he learned as a consultant while opening hundreds of coffee shops and drive-thrus all over the country in the last eight years. It is an impressive legacy.

This legacy has since been passed on to Oksana and Mike Fisenko. Today they continue to pass that legacy to entrepreneurs around the country and to clients attending their Barista Training School in Troutdale, Oregon.

These classes focus on speed, efficiency
of service, and teach the following:

  • Barista customer interaction
  • Cost analysis -- profitability, monitoring costs
  • Purchases -- equipment, supplies
  • Branding - importance in today's market
  • Analysis of systems and its efficiency - product vs. costs
  • How to sell mainly espresso based drinks
  • "Secrets" of Espresso Marketing
  • Techniques to extract the "perfect espresso shot"
  • Perfect milk frothing techniques for the right texture and taste
  • Hands-on training in preparing all menu drinks - hot and iced
  • Hands-on training preparing smoothies and mochaccinos (frappuccino)

This course will be comparable to our "Turn-Key, On Location" Training except that it will focus on barista skills. All the students will learn to properly operate actual espresso equipment and prepare dozens of drinks.

To join this class we require a non refundable $250 deposit by no later than 10th day of the class month, the rest to be paid by the 17th. If you can't make it, this deposit may be applied to the next class.

On-Site Barista Training

Do you feel uneasy opening your Coffee Business by yourself? Not sure about your barista skills?

Graduates from Barista School Recent Graduates of Alex & Associates'
Barista Training School

Mike Fisenko has helped open many shops and drive-thrus. He will help you set up your shop and provide much needed marketing and barista training during your opening. He'll also provide training for you and your employees on a daily fee schedule.

Two day minimum. Training at your location available by appointment.

NEW! One-on-One Video Conference Training


The next best thing to on-site training!


Skype is a free video conferencing app. You can download it here...

If you can't afford to train with us in person this is a great option! This package consists of five hour-long sessions in which you will receive approximately 45 minutes of dedicated training/teaching followed by a 15-minute Q&A period.

These sessons are one-on-one – so we'll move at your pace!

After the classes we will send you a folder of material outlining what we covered for your future reference.

Includes our 90-minute training DVD!

We will send via mail our popular 90-minute DVD in which Alex Fisenko goes over all the drinks.

Includes additional followup consulting!

After the sessions are complete, you will have unlimited access to followup consulting regarding equipment, vendors and more (via email or telephone).

Please call for pricing information: 503-590-9423.