Whether you’re thinking of opening a new shop or you’ve been in business for years, we have a consulting program that can benefit you! Learn more about how our “real world” experience can help you make more money.

Either at our school or on-site at your shop, we will use hands-on training to teach you and your baristas the proper techniques for making great coffee. Plus you’ll get insight into our proven marketing skills to help you sell more of those perfectly crafted drinks!

TESTIMONIAL FROM SAN DIEGO JANUARY, 2018: Espresso, blonde roast, light brew, and dark brew. Whether or not these are words you are familiar with, live by, or have never heard of, we had the opportunity to meet some unforgettable trainers who are so passionate about teaching everything they know about coffee, they use these words in their daily language. They taught our baristas and refined their espresso and drink-making ability, in preparation for our grand opening. Though the art of coffee-making and the ability to make it enjoyable, are two things that are up there on the most important things we want to exude to our customers, we also learned Oksana and her son have even more to offer than just their coffee expertise and taste - Oksana Fisenko and her son Michael, offer persistence, passion, and zeal in their character and the way they teach their craft.
Oksana and Michael walked in to our coffee shop, JoyBrewed Espresso, with poise, dignity, and pure adoration, and far surpassed their ability to teach about all things coffee. Everyone they encountered walked away with a sense of achievement and self-worth in not only what they learned, but in who they were. We knew the Fisenko’s were the right people to bring in to train and refine our baristas when we read their story as well as encountered Oksana and her son Michael’s skills in coffee making. After seeing their character shine as they taught those around them, we knew we wanted to share our experience with the world.
Oksana and her husband Alex Fisenko, opened up their very first coffee shop in Berkeley, CA around 1969. Now nationally renowned, Alex Fisenko traveled all over the world on consulting assignments to locations in Thailand, South Korea, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Barbados. He was also a speaker and seminar presenter for five years for the nationwide CoffeeFest Organization. Alex eventually passed away, but left his legacy and passion to his wife Oksana, and their son Michael. Since then, they teach the art of coffee making in their hometown in Oregon, and in other parts of the world.
Because there was no precedent to this business, they learned by making every mistake in the book – so the barista’s they’ve taught, won’t have to make them. They teach tips on coffee making and espresso brewing without holding anything back. They have top of the line instruction and value in what they know and teach, which can’t be found anywhere else.
One of the many leaders in the coffee industry they were able to train in their previous years, was named Dave Olsen who later in his life, opened up a coffee shop in Seattle, Washington and soon partnered with Howard Schultz, which became the birth of Starbucks. Starbucks is now one of the leading franchises in the coffee industry.
We are fortunate our baristas were able to learn from individuals whose passion has sparked success in so many others around the country and the world. Our baristas have now caught a dynamic sense of passion the Fisenko’s exuded when they trained them, and they’re more confident than ever in their coffee making skills and expertise. We made sure our baristas had an opportunity to learn from the best—to better serve our customers and create for them the best espresso’s they’ve ever tasted. The crema, fresh beans, and aroma in our coffee shop will spark a new love for coffee you never knew you had.

"…Four years in, our coffee shop is still going strong. We won "Best Espresso Drinks in the Triangle" from the independent food critics… Superior product and superior training does win out in the end."

Mike, North Carolina

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